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  Dr Michaela is a Clinical Psychologist who has dedicated herself to supporting women worldwide break free from struggles with difficult emotions, self love, anxiety, overthinking, and depression, and confidently step into an awesome life, career, or relationship they actually love.⁠

Dr Michaela has a no fuss approach, making complex psychological concepts understandable and actionable.

Growing up Dr Michaela didn't realise she had social anxiety. All she knew whenever put in a group situation she would freeze, her heart would be pounding and she would lose her smile immediately. 

"If you speak, you’re going to say something ridiculous, and people will think you’re ridiculous”.⁠⁠

SO , what does a girl with anxiety that doesn’t know she has anxiety do?⁠⁠

Dr Michaela trained for 6 years to become a psychologist to help other people get rid of their anxiety and ended up helping 100s of people (men, women, and children) overcome their anxiety and step into a life they actually love. ⁠She started My Easy Therapy because she wanted to make therapy open and accessible and with over 700,000 followers on Instagram Dr Michaela has become one of the most well known Psychologists in the UK. 

"Everyone deserves to have a life they love, and I feel strongly about making that happen"


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