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Frankie Clark is a personal trainer, singer, model and social media influencer using her platforms to make others feel good. 

Twenty-seven year old Frankie, is a regular TV broadcaster on health, wellbeing and eating disorders. She is also an amazing singer and is about to appear on a primetime BBC Saturday night show. 

She was motivated to become a personal trainer after battling with anorexia for many years, as she wanted to help herself overcome her own mental health struggles as well as helping and inspiring others.


As social media hugely affects mental help, Frankie decided to use her IG to educate people on body confidence. She wanted to teach people how to love themselves without the edits, so Frankie posts unfiltered pictures and videos of before and after edits to help people be kinder to themselves.


Her passion is to help others feel good, whether that is through her training, social media or music.

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