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Motivational Fashion Content Creator 

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Daniel Asante aka @mr.dasante is a British Fashion Content Creator, Fashion model and Instagram influencer.  

@mr.dasante has worked with many fashion brands including NEXT, Zalando, Burton and many more.

Daniel grew up in a single parent household, after the passing of his father at such a young age but Daniel's mother instilled in him to  always have a positive mindset and to never lose faith.


His greatest desire was and is to inspire people to become their best versions of themselves through their talent. He wanted to be an example of this and whilst at university he noticed that a lot of people would compliment him on his fashion style and how he carried himself.


This led him to believe that this was an omen that he must follow.  


‘My Instagram page @mr.dasante aims to inspire men and women on how to pose and dress their best while still maintaining morals and values that represents their look.’


As well as helping men express themselves through style Daniel also caters to his female audience by putting out videos of himself helping  the ladies with their poses for photos.


Daniel often goes viral with his "boring picture" reels on Instagram with one recently reaching 95 million views.  

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