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The O-Twins: identical twins brothers, medical doctors and captivating story tellers, this energetic duo combine the excitement of cutting edge science and technology with their relatable, cool and funky style. 

This September the O twins will be bursting onto our screens as the new twin docs on the block on the BAFTA award-winning CBBC show Operation Ouch! 


With a wealth of experience being in front of the camera across various genres of presenting and journalism they also have experience in emergency, pre hospital/extreme environments medicine and medical technology/innovation.


The O-twins on screen style is organic and relatable and can be both playful as well as more serious bringing any narrative to life.  


Dr Daniel Olaiya, works as a frontline doctor. He is also a Flying Doctor, repatriating sick patients from all over the World back to the UK.


Daniel’s diverse professional background in Anaesthesia, International medical evacuation as a flying doctor, Aerospace medicine and developing start up businesses, gives him a unique ability to communicate and teach complex topics in simple terms.


Currently based at University College London Hospital as an Anaesthetic and Critical Care doctor, Dr. Daniel is a keen athlete and is passionate about fitness, balancing his clinical work with academic research, sports and media work.


He believes a good life balance is the key to physical and mental health well-being.

Dr Raphael Olaiya is a frontline doctor, a General Practice resident, Fitness trainer and a wellbeing data-scientist at the University College of London. 


Dr. Raphael understands that everyone's fundamental target is to reach optimal quality of life and through using his experience of practicing medicine, doing evidence-based research on achieving the optimum wellbeing and 1to1 coaching/personal training.


Charismatic Dr. Raphael focuses on simply informing and inspiring audiences to take full control of their wellbeing through evidence based and sustainable methods covering the domains of sleep, mindfulness, nutrition, health, and exercise, bringing them all together as a package.


 He believes that Wholistic wellbeing is the key to quality of life which he says we all deserve as a birthright. 

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