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 Dr Ethan Smallwood is one of the youngest Doctors working in the NHS with only qualifying last year. 

Dr Ethan has close to 500k followers across his social platforms. His journey on social media began in 2016 when he first attended medical school. At the time, sharing of creative content was rare in healthcare and Ethan wanted to give an insight into a busy and exciting medical career. This was through providing fun yet educational content and exactly the type of information that Ethan wished was available to him when he was applying to medical school. This became hugely successful and through the documenting of his medical school journey, Ethan amassed 50+ million views. He became the most followed medical student in the world and a leading young figure in health education.

Dr Ethan grew in popularity by posting educational TikTok content during the COVID-19 pandemic, with his aim being to make medicine more fun, exciting and engaging, whilst also being educational and understandable to his audience. 

As his platform has grown, Doctor Ethan has appeared in many publications and took part in national TV and radio appearances to spread his primary message: ‘That medicine should be fun, exciting and interactive and not something we should be afraid of.’ 

Dr Ethan has worked with brands including BT, Holland & Barrett and Public Health England.

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