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Dr Veena Babu ( MBBS BSc) is a GP, broadcaster, youtuber and influencer.

Dr Veena throughout the pandemic has been a regular health expert on national TV and radio including Sky News, ITV, BBC, GB News, Radio 5 and Asian Network. 

Dr Veena is the founder of I:V dance, the leading Bollywood Youtube Channel in the UK ( with Over 230,000 +subscribers and over 44million+ views).

 Just as there is an art to medicine, Dr Veena believes that there is a science to dance.

She has over ten years experience in teaching and performing Bollywood dance and has trained and performed with renowned artists in the UK and abroad. Her expertise includes Bharatnatyam, contemporary and indo-Jazz styles. Dr Veena has drawn from her Indian roots and Western Upbringing to create BollyHOOD and BollyFEELS dance styles. 

These workshops and Bootcamps are very popular and through them she has travelled and taught students in the UK, India and USA.

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