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David Birtwistle is a Personal Trainer, Business Owner and TV Personality, whose profile exploded in 2020 as a fan favourite on Netflix's first season of Too Hot To Handle. 


Generally based in London, but a keen traveller, David inspires, motivates and educates his audience to live a full and active lifestyle from all around the globe through daily Instagram and TikTok content.


 David has a full-time videographer on board to travel with him and together they are constantly producing engaging and entertaining video and photo content across social media, where he has over 900,000 followers on Instagram. 


Alongside his social presence, Entrepeneur David runs his personal online coaching company, Endeavour Life with a team of elite Personal Trainers working for him, training clients all around the globe through a combination of bespoke food, movement and mindset coaching.


Previously David has worked with companies such as ASOS, Grenade, BMW, EHP Labs, and is currently a Global Ambassador for The Distinguished Gentlemans Ride.

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