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Daily Express columnist and TV presenter, Carole Malone has been a broadcaster and journalist for many decades regularly appearing on prime-time shows including Good Morning Britain, Jeremy Vine and Sky News.

Carole, who is known for her strong views and known to ruffle a few feathers with her opinions,  has a regular weekly slot on Jeremy Vine on 5 and Sky News. She also has a weekly Column in the Daily Express and worked at the Sunday Mirror and News of the World for over 10 years.  

Carole is also a regular stand-in TV presenter on GB News as well as being on many ITV and channel 5 Royal documentaries.

Going into her 70th year Carole wanted to look and feel her best and after being on yo yo diets for years has over the last few months lost 4 stone and says she has never felt better.

Carole has also participated in a few reality shows including Celebrity Big Brother and Celebrity Fit Club.

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