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Grief and Growing Up With Sam Prince

Grief and Growing Up With Sam Prince

Has Sam Prince, Made In Chelsea’s youngest chaotic party boy changed for good? After years of being labelled a liar and cheat, Sam explains why he wants to rebrand and change for good. Sam shares his life growing up and how he has always caused chaos. After losing his grandparents, Sam opened up on his struggle with grief and how Made In Chelsea has impacted his life in relationships, business, and even his diagnosis with ADHD. Once a party boy who f**ked girls over, Sam explains how he has worked on himself, his relationship with Inga Valentiner, and his growth in the business world with a focus on sustainable business including Bellr and Forager Herbs. In this episode, Sam talks about: Growing up as a rebellious child Rejecting the corporate world for a reality star career Dealing with grief in your 20s Apologising in your 20s Building sustainable businesses Adulting failures Advice for younger Sam Prince Host: Gaby Mendes Guest: Sam Prince Email the team at ⁠⁠ - we love hearing your stories! Listen and follow Talk Twenties on all platforms:  💌 Sign up for our newsletter: ⁠⁠  📲 Visit the Talk Twenties Website: ⁠⁠   🎙 Listen on Apple Podcasts: ⁠⁠...   🎙 Listen on Spotify: ⁠⁠...  ✨ Instagram: ⁠⁠...   ✨ TikTok: ⁠⁠  ✨ Twitter: ⁠⁠  ✨ LinkedIn: ⁠⁠... 💸 A big thank you to our sponsors Zopa Bank - ⁠ Time Stamps: 0:00 - TwentiesFest 0:28 - Intro 4:20 - Growing into your 20s 7:17 - Dealing with Grief 12:30 - Dating 13:43 - Sponsor: Zopa Bank 14:21 - Being in the public eye 20:42 - Mistakes in 20s 25:00 - Social Media 28:40 - Advice for past Sam
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