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Father-Daughter Fitness Duo

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International Fitness Presenter Delvin Clarke and his 26 year old daughter Olivia are the high energy duo behind VIBE Concepts. 

Keeping it in the family the father and daughter fitness instructors have created VIBE Concepts -  a group of freestyle, feel good, high energy fitness classes to great music. 

Delvin and daughter Olivia are regular contributors on TV talking about fitness and well-being. 


VIBE is all about the music, interaction and fun to keep everyone fit both physically and mentally.

Delvin travels the world teaching classes combining over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry with his energy and charisma.


There are currently 1000s of VIBE qualified instructors teaching in fitness clubs around the UK and abroad including Iceland, Denmark, Germany, Norway and the Middle East.

Their philosophy is Don't Just Ride, FEEL THE VIBE.

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